Congratulations to Sasha Marie Speer & Jase Whitaker on your engagement!
It all started with a heart of Lover Organic Chocolate and now they are getting married! Lover can be cupid too!

The maestro !
— Woody Harrelson

“You create some of the best raw chocolate on the planet.

— Shazzie, Author, TV Presenter of 'Raw Kitchen' on The Active Channel SKY 281
It’s super good chocolate. Mmmm. Lover Raw Chocolate and an expresso for breakfast!
— Boy George
Selected as Best Summer Hostess Gift : This artisan chocolate is not only delicious but handmade, organic, raw, vegan, and low glycemic. All of LOVER’s ingredients are super foods that are ethically sourced from diverse cultures from around the world. Popular with the Hollywood set, Lover Raw Chocolate tins were given out to celebrities at the Oscars! It’s the best chocolate ever!
— Melissa Meyers, Tastemaker & Style Expert for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle, The Huffington Post
Absolutely delicious !
— Tom Odell

“I'm a chocolate Lover - Raw superfood, Sunday treats
— Elle MacPherson

Best chocolate EVER!
— Steph Sebbag, CEO/Founder of BPG, Rebel Films & De Re Gallery
Thank you from all of us at The Oscars for being an invaluable part of this year’s show.. the response was just terrific with various celebrities taking the tins back to their seats ...and here’s to doing it all again next year!
— The Academy Awards


It’s easy to love Lover, an impeccably balanced and stellar example of raw chocolate at its finest.
— Matthew Kenney, Celebrity Chef & Author
Love the package and the taste. Move over Godiva there’s a new girl in town !
— Linda, Texas

Thanks for the chocolate!
— Joni Mitchell

We have never tried such an amazing artisan chocolate before.
— TJ, theitalianvegan.com

“Outstanding chocolate. I can't believe how awesome the nutritional facts are too!"
— VegOut LA Magazine

Omg Rochelle Lover is amazing. Rich, deep and doesn’t taste like coconut oil. The texture is creamy but not too soft. One was plenty but I ate two. You’ve got the chocolate touch.
— Mimi Kirk, Author, Voted PETA's sexiest vegetarian over 50
I’m addicted to your hot chocolate and noticing right away it’s not like ordinary hot chocolate!! I feel good and not weighted down like with ordinary hot chocolate which can be too sugary.. It’s literally drinking a superfood, better than a green juice! I feel so much better after drinking it, I drink it before I go to sleep and it doesn’t disrupt sleep.
— Alison, CBS Studios International

My family & I received our delicious, exquisite Lover package! Boom, Shaka, Laka, Booooom packed with love. Absolutely love, love the new formula... How could it get any better than this? 
"Lover, the epitome of bliss! My children said you have a Doctorate Degree in chocolate."
— Chickee., OH
"Wow the minute I open the can the aroma really hits me, so unbelievably delicious."
— Liesa., LA
My mom and I LOVED the chocolates we received from Rochelle! They are the best we’ve ever had. The ingredients are so pure. Each bite is like a little piece of heaven!!
— Jasmine F., Canada
These exquisite ‘Lover’ chocolates are something that I have never experienced before. The quality, special ingredient is simply like being in heaven. Purely DELICIOUS.
— Femi Taylor, Oola in Return Of The Jedi

I was so shocked about how fast the chocolate was actually delivered to me. I wish I had the same great service with most of the things I order.
— Sherrie K., NY
“I purchased Lover Raw Chocolate for the first time in Santa Barbara on a 2 week coastal road trip with my love. We had some really magical times while enjoying your chocolates. Our 1 year anniversary is on Sunday. Looking forward to surprising him + more magical times..
— Leslie Abrams, Yo Soy Candle
“My lover and I share this Lover Chocolate together! so its perfect. But more than just that, I say a little prayer before I eat it. The first time I had it I had an epiphany so clearly about how to make my heart dream into a reality. I mean really I can’t explain to you how amazing this is. I can’t say its all the chocolate but its coupled with my own heart work and stage of spiritual development. I believe the Chocolate just opened me up even more to see my own heart’s truth. We will definitely be ordering refills when we have finished what we have (or sooner). I am thrilled to find someone putting their love and magic into your products and sharing them with the world. Thank you so much!!!”
— Aubrey H., North Carolina
“My new chocolate LOVER.”
— Tracee Ellis Ross

Seriously the best raw chocolate I have ever tried. The consistency is better than milk chocolate and the taste is very very similar. Absolutely love it! You’re amazing Rochelle! Who ever hasn’t tried it you’re seriously missing out. Our business ships it to Australia it’s that good!
— So Phee Mc Laren CEO Get Goodness, Australia
Thank you Rochelle, we love your chocolates!
— Tasmin Lonsdale, The Supper Club
Lover is the best chocolate we have ever eaten, it’s magical.
— Staff at Beverly Hills Juice, CA
The most delicious thing I ate on Christmas Day was Lover Raw Chocolate !
— Ysanne Spevack, organicfoodee.com
I just added them to my FitBit! They are so delicious, my husband and I are obsessed !
— Paula A., CA
I’m a huge fan of Lover Raw Chocolate, I love the taste, it’s so decedent yet you wouldn’t know just how good it is for you !
— Dr. Alejandro Junger M.D. & The Clean Program Team

I just had some Lover chocolates, delicious !
— Moby
I dreamt about Lover chocolate all weekend! I can’t wait to stock my house and work fridge full again! The notes inside the tins and the chocolate bars are so very cute. Such a sweet little surprise to go along with the delicious experience!
— Paulina, Birchbox
Lover’s chocolate is the most super, sexy, silky chocolate that you cannot help but enjoy and is even better to share….. The only problem is that once you start to eat them, you will devour the entire lot in one sitting - not really a bad problem to have, I guess ?!
— Shelley B., NYC

Rochelle… Your chocolate is even better than I remember, more exquisite somehow. From the beginning, it struck me as incredibly sophisticated, but this time around that trait seems more powerful. My love for your chocolate has deepened. The probiotic chocolates are delicious as well - they are creamy and flavorful, much like the original but in a different way, a certain richness to them. And it’s such a cool way to get in more probiotics. I felt my body take to them beautifully. Whatever alternations you’ve been making are without a doubt magical, an effect that ripples well beyond the physical. You’ve got some serious energy!
If you knew me in person, you’d know how heavy that means - I’m pretty particular when it comes to what I really, really like. Looking forward to what else you’ve got in the mix!
— Marcy Denise., MD

“Best chocolate in the world.”
— Shazzie Love

Hi Rochelle, Thanks so much! I just received my second order of chocolate from you. It is so wonderful!! And it’s so great knowing the care you take with the ingredients, making sure it’s not only delicious but the perfect complement to a clean diet. My son, a fan of Dara Dubinet, introduced me to your chocolate and he too, loves it! Thank you again.
— Whitney Diller
I don’t leave home without my Lover tin, you have nailed this recipe, best chocolate I have ever eaten!
— The Coco Jack

I received my Lover yesterday and couldn’t help myself… This is absolutely, hands down, without a doubt the BEST chocolate I have ever had. Mainstream chocolate companies—Godiva, Hershey’s, Dove, Ghiradelli, etc definitely can learn a thing or two from Rochelle. ….and, for those who might be a little scared to try raw chocolate—don’t be… Just imagine the BEST fine chocolate (whether raw or not) you’ve ever had and Lover beats it times ten…. I am addicted and obsessed…. Ten star rating!
— Mimi Love., Vegas
When I die and go to heaven, I fully expect a dish of Lover Raw Chocolates will be waiting there for me.
— David Wilcock, NY Times best-selling author and star of Ancient Aliens, Wisdom Teachings and Disclosure
I hereby announce your divine chocolate as the best chocolate EVER!
— Erin Elizabeth & Dr Mercola, healthnutnews.com
“Our top vegan chocolate.”
— Vegnews.com
“I love your chocolate so much, it's the best.
— Sarah DeAnna, Supermodel, Author of SuperModel YOU