• Lover Organic Superfood Vegan Chocolate
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Our Chocolate

LOVER is a unique experience that will change your taste for chocolate forever.

Our alchemist Rochelle has been passionately concocting some of the finest chocolate flavors in the world - and now you can experience our exclusive LOVER organic chocolate.

High atop a volcano in South America the world's finest cacao beans grow free in the rich, black soil. These wild beans are collected, stone ground, and fused with 100% raw ingredients from other ancient civilisations. 

Abundant in nutrients, vitamins & antioxidants, all of LOVER's ingredients are superfoods - ethically sourced from diverse cultures around the world.

LOVER is a chocolate that is not only exquisite but healthy.

LOVER is organic, free from dairy, low glycemic and 100% raw.

Participate in the superfood chocolate revolution.

Indulge LOVER now. 

Lover Organic Chocolate has featured in the media and beyond. Here are just some Lover fans!

Made With Love